NIL STOCK - T-1000 Race Tyre Grooving Tool - 240volt

"Serious Kit for Racers"

Available in 110v & 240v Both with Two Heat Settings to suite most race tyre requirements or soft compound rubber grooving.
From Shallow/Narrow grooves in soft compound rubbers to cutting up to Size 5 blade in a shallow depth in soft compound rubber. Not suited to Transport vehicle tyres or fork truck tyres.
Ergonomic work handle is the only handle with this level of comfort and control when speed and accuracy is required.
Instant cutting - no waiting to heat up - will work from an Inverter.
Blade clamping and Adjustment is fast and simple without the need to change hardware.
Rugged and robust design with metal case, Sheathed long work cables, protected instrument panel.
Starter kit with 7 blades included for instant use.

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